About Bothell Aikido

Bothell Aikido was founded by the members of Jiyushinkan Dojo in Monroe, Washington in the summer of 2019. Our family oriented school is part of a larger Jiyushinkai organization of schools founded by Chuck Clark sensei. 

You can learn more about Jiyushinkai here.


There are two philosophies that important in our practice: jita kyoei and seiryoko zenyo. Jita kyoei means mutual welfare and benefit. This applies to students and instructors. Seiryoko zenyo means maximimum efficiency with minimum effort. This applies to how we do our techniques. Even our smallest person should be able to apply any technique to the largest person using proper posture and technique. 

Bothell Aikido is currently located at Tamenaki Dojo, a private, invitation only space. For more information , you can reach us via email at bothellaikido@gmail.com or by completing our contact us form.