Interested in becoming a student?

We are a private dojo (not commercial) and most classes are semi-private. Training times are Monday and Wednesday’s 7:45-9:15pm.. The class is focused on adults; however, with permission, we may make exceptions to accept younger students if a parent trains along with them. 


If you are interested in becoming a student, we ask that you first read all the information in this website. Since we invest considerable time with all students, we have a process to help determine it will be mutually beneficial for you to join our school.  



If you are interested in becoming a member of our school, we ask that you please send an email to or complete our Contact Us form with a little information about yourself, what interests you in our school and any martial arts experience you may have add.  Please feel free to also include any questions.  One of us will respond typically within a day or so.  Usually, we like to have a follow up phone call to get to know you a bit more and understand what you are looking for. 


It is generally a good idea to observe a class which can be done virtually. After observing a class, we can discuss and determine if our school is the right fit for what you are looking for. 



For the first few classes, it is okay to wear loose clothing like sweat pants until you have a judogi (martial arts pants and top). We can help you purchase one or, if you  already have one, you are welcome to wear it. Judogi typically can cost between $50 to $200 depending on quality and weight. 


There is also a $35 enrollment fee to help cover insurance.  Dues are expected to be paid by the 1st of each month and are $100/month. Additional family members can join and train at a discounted rate of $50/month.